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    iTech is a company focused on business class technology services. We don’t show up at the front desk in overalls! Our team of technology professionals aim to provide you with first class service and easy, friendly solutions.

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    Again, it’s not about the Van! When you call iTech you are calling service professionals who are factory certified on all of our products. They will listen, analyze your issue and resolve it right then and there.

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The Story of iTech for business

iTech was founded in Savannah, Georgia in 2001 as the Technology Provider for American Ports Services. American Ports Services, now a subsidiary of Schneider Logistics, Inc., enjoyed an incredible rate of growth in the U.S. logistics business from 1987–2005. The growth was due in no small part to the culture of using Technology to provide solutions for customers and at the same time drive down APS’ costs. iTech was the technology services provider.

Today iTech’s mission is unchanged: We help companies increase the availability of data in their organization while driving down cost and increasing efficiency. Through our vendors we provide solutions that protect that data, keeping it available in spite of hackers. We provide solutions that store the data in safe places so it’s available to a business that is recovering from a disaster, man-made or natural. iTech can manage a network of any size located anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. And with iTech managing your network, outages are a thing of the past. Our VoIP Telephony solution has been independently rated as the best in the land. With our mobility solutions we can roll out a fleet of a few or thousands of vehicles all equipped with mobile communications devices that can easily access company data.

The examples of our services are endless. Give us a call. Tell us where or how you would like to better access to your data and we’ll design a solution for you!